It’s 4:30 am and I’m still awake.

…That rendering exam practice made me feel incompetent.

It’s a really powerful theme. You should listen it. =)

Woof woof

So these are… the Witch Trials.

Tampon in your ear? I don’t think I want to know XD I hope everything is okay!
Apparently because I use headphones my ear canal has serum stuck.


Just kidding, it’s a tampon in my ear

Got excited to see CRAAAAZZZY Hand getting a mode.

Happy birthday to one of my professors! =D


That Bass trophy is really something. Now I’m eager to see the Protoman one. =DDD

Saint Seiyaa

Y pegasoo

Hasta el finaaaaaaaaaal!

Today’s music I find fun to listen to.

Those motivational speeches sometimes get me thinking.

"Bring it."

Things have gotten serious

*Magazine assignment deadline*